Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit dedicated to girls in chess.

Our mission is to encourage and enable more girls to not only learn chess but to stick with it.  Chess teaches invaluable lessons that carry weight well beyond the board.  Chess has the ability to shape minds, instill learnings and impact life's trajectory.     

Unfortunately, the retention rate for girls in chess is low and the drop off point is ~13 years old.  With few female peers and female role models, the ideology behind "selective attrition" becomes very real.  We are working to change that. 

Our Goals

  • Host bimonthly Blitz and Brunch events to promote NYC girls chess community

  • Sponsor girls at Kasparov Chess Foundation All Girls Nationals

  • Support private coaching at Pan-American and World Youth Chess Championships

  • Connect top girl talent with private coaching and mentoring opportunities

Playing chess has many aspects that can be useful in everyday situations like planning, concentration and combinations. You learn to win but also to lose and to be creative.
— Judit Polgar, Grandmaster